The Victim Mindset

You may be a parent, employee, manager, coach, player, or spouse.  Someone at your level, below you, or above you will offer some sort of criticism or question and you immediately play the victim and get defensive.

One of the greatest examples of this can be viewed on a TedTalk given by Tony Robbins.  Here is the link to watch: Tony Robbins TedTalk.

Tony asks if anyone has failed.  That’s a hard question.  People start to raise their hands and one man in particular says he failed because of the Supreme Court Justices!  The man that said that was Vice President Al Gore.  He is highly accomplished and loved across the world in many groups.  He believed he was a VICTIM of the system! 

It’s all of us.  We all play the victim.  W wallow our kids to play the victim.  Rather than moving forward we talk about what’s wrong now and there is no way out!

Change your mindset to growth and learning.  Teach your kids about growing and learning.  Don’t be a victim be the victor.  The victor regardless of the situation they way you do it is in your mind.

Spend time with other victorious pleople or with a plan for victory because those you associate with are those you become so be careful of your those around you!

Let’s win today!!

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