Where Money Grows on Trees is a children’s book to create an engaging conversation between adults and children.  Children are full of dreams and adults are full of valuable experiences.

While children are full of life the adults are tired.  The child wants help with their dream but we adults are to worn out to share.  Besides, maybe we believe that it’s impossible to grow money on trees.

Where Money Grows on Trees was written to bridge that gap for children and adults.  It’s chief goal is to bring adults back to life and we hope to keep the children awake as they journey through adventurous life!

It shares, in a very simplistic way, the concept of hard work, team work, and persistence.  The underlying theme is to share that dreams do come true and with persistence any obstacle can be overcome.  Dreams can come true for children and adults but you must take action on your dreams in order to turn them into a reality.  You will be moved by the story and at the end of the book it creates an environment for you (child or adult) to take action on your dreams.  Let’s take the step together!