The Idea

People ask Jordan where he came up with the idea for the book of Where Money Grows on Trees.  The answer is actually quite simple.  He has three small children and each night they ask him to read a bedtime story.  They have a closet full of books and he lets them choose any book they want.  Over time he noticed two major themes of children’s books:

  1. Many children’s books do not have a point or purpose.  It talks about a blue button and at the end of the story you ask yourself, what was the point?
  2. Many children’s books leave children bored.  These types of children books are filled with facts but give them no entertainment.

He noticed that the one common theme was that most of these books put his kids sound to sleep.  He even noticed sometimes that they put him to sleep.  Maybe that was the point until one night he realized that most adults are sleeping through life.  He thought to himself, did it all start from bedtime stories.  People get into this pattern of just accepting life as is.  Then he thought to himself, what if I could create children’s books that, rather than put kids to sleep, woke them up.

Sure parents, want to put kids to bed but what if you could leave your children’s room and your child was inspired to dream of great things all night long.  They when they wake up in the morning they are so compelled to make difference in the world and live with purpose!?

It was then, that the idea was born.  The book Where Money Grows on Trees was born!