Harvey and your kids

New rain records were set with hurricane Harvey. People lost everything! What lesson can we teach our kids from this?

Through this massive devastation people leaned on each other. Helping one another. Rescuing one another. Show them pictures and see what ideas they may have to help?

Did you know 100,000 homes were flooded. Those people won’t give up, many will start over. It’s the perspective of the end or the beginning. These people will show our children the greatest lesson in life! That lesson is when things happen out of our control, how will you choose to respond? We are all witnesses.

Be an example to your children and share with them stories of how these people will come out stronger than before!

Practice What You Preach

I have received inspiring stories from parent and children a like. They took action that the book challenges you with at the end.

As for me, I also decided to plant my seed and make a difference. This weekend I have the opportunity to qualify for the XTERRA World Championships.

If you change your mind, you will change your life! Because Money Really Does Grow On Trees!

Pick up the book today!

1st Day Of School For Parents

We are all seeing on social media the pictures of 1st days of school. From pre-school, kindergarten, high school, and even college.

These pictures are great bookmarks for the kids but are mainly a trophy for the parents.

These parents have molded these children into who they are. They are proud and they are now giving the trophy away.

Imagine winning a gold medal and every year you give a piece of it away to strangers. Will they appreciate it? Will they take care of it? Will that gold medal mean as much to them as it does to you.

Like it or not you don’t have the choice you have to give it away.

Create in your child a spirit of gratefulness, of honesty, of cheerfulness, playfulness, sympathy, love, kindness, joy, compassion, and friendship.

Life is short. Cherish the medal while you have them but when you give them away make sure they are the shiniest medal anyone has ever seen.

Post your pictures, you deserve to show off your medals!

Teaching Moments

Win or lose, how do you teach/coach?  If your kid goes 1 for 3, do you talk about the two strikeouts more than the home run?

Teaching moments shouldn’t be about a single moment but the whole process.  And that whole process should emphasize growth.

Because, even if your child went three for three you should always remember if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  And if it’s not this year it will be next year he/she will be in a slump.

Teach them the gift of growing.  Growing in all aspects of life.  It will also help you grow!

Do your best, have fun, and make a difference!

Do you believe?

I was asked recently, “Do you actually believe money grows on trees?”

I had to think for a moment if this person was asking me literally or not.  I understand it’s the title of my children’s book but were they posing a trick question?

My response:

While I have never seen money actually grow on trees I used this illustration to show how the process and parallels of making money/accomplishing a goal works in a majority of situations through out life .  A large portion of the public will never grow their own “tree” and that’s OK.  They can be part of the process and live a great life and contribute to this great place we all live on, Earth.

However, I wrote the book to not only help children dream but for adults to re-dream.  Far to often I meet with adults that have great potential and a passion for something but do nothing about it.  They are afraid to step up to the starting line.  Maybe the finish line seems to far away or maybe they don’t think the finish line exists.

Secretly, I was hoping that this book would obviously impact children but also force adults to come back to life and dream again.  At the end of the book, I inserted a question section.  This section was specifically designed for kids and adults to interact and force the adult to think hard about their purpose on this planet.

I want for everyone what I have.  This all started as a little idea that I wrote down and I turned it into a book because I wanted to share it with you.  So to answer your question, yes, I do believe and I hope you will as well.

Remember, do your best, have fun, and make a difference!starting_line

Dinner Table Talk

You have probably asked your child today, “what did you do today?” 

Maybe they walk you though some things of playing outside, the pool, a television show, shopping, walking the dog, read a book.

Have they ever inspired you or given you a tid bit that impressed you?  If not, have you inspired or impressed them with what you accomplished?

Remember, you become who you associate with.  Your children will turn into you.  At the dinner table, inspire them and impress upon them principles.

Change your dinner table talk into something impactful!  Make it fun and it will make a difference!

Clint Eastwood is Dead

I was on LinkedIn and saw this link to an article.  It said Clint Eastwood is dead.  You can see from the photo there were several comments saying how sad people were about his passing.  

I thought it was strange that the first I was hearing about Clints death was on a LinkedIn news feed.  I get notifications from multiple news sites on my smart watch and phone with breaking news.  That would have been breaking news!

I stop for a second to do a quick google search and in seconds the air is cleared.  FOx news confirmed that he is still alive and tough as he ever has been.  


I start thinking.  The people I am connected with on LinkedIn are all professional, smart, successful, and high achievers.  How could they have been duped?

I know people have been talking about Fake News but I never would have thought my people would have been associated with it.

Life happens fast.  We make decisions in an instant.  Maybe we even liked Clint, thought it was sad he passed on and we quickly commented on the news and move on.

We need to slow down and enjoy the process.  Test our surroundings.  Push our limits, strategically.

One day, just like all of us, Clint Eastwood will ACTUALLY pass on.  When that happens take a moment and be thankful for his life, contribution but also be thankful for your life, while you are here.

We are starting to act like dead people by believing the fake news.  It’s time to slow down and wake up!  Maybe we are dead by not thinking and need to be brought back to life!

Pass it on today, do your best, have fun, and make a difference!

Chinese Medicine

In the Chinese culture it is common to see a doctor when you are well.  America is starting to move this way with preventative medicine but it should not just be for health.

We should always be looking at the situation for it actually is rather than waiting for something bad to happen and react.  Our reaction is typically negative, that negativity breeds more negatively and we end up giving up.

We can see this in sports, weight loss, relationships, and sales people.

Let’s go to he doctor early and often, not for a remedy to fix something but to find out how we can continue to be healthy in all aspects of our life.

Now go and see what you have been doing well and capture it.  Remember this week, do you best, have fun, and make a difference!

Which is more powerful Beliefs or Incantations?

What’s more powerful, your beliefs or incantations?

You probably guessed your beliefs.  But you’re  wrong, incantations are more important because you can use them to CHANGE you BAD beliefs.

Your doubts, fears, and insecurities are all beliefs you currently have and your subconscious BELIEVES they are true and they are unless you change them.  You have the power to change them.  If you CHOOSE to change them through the power of incantations.

If you counteract your limiting beliefs with stong incantations you begin to CHANGE your beliefs, for the better or worse.

Use your words to influence you.  You and your kids will become what they believe, good or bad.

Start retraining yourself today!

Money is the root of good!

We have all been told or maybe we have even said, “Money is the root of evil!”

We are told to live on less.  We are told to cut back and save more.  We are told to count our pennies, as if we are running out.

That mindset is HORRIBLE!  It’s all about the limited supply of a commodity that is infinite and with it you can do some great things!

Tell your kids this:

If you make a lot of money you can help the poor, you can send kids to college, you can do medical research, you can experience the world.  You can even build huge churches!!!

Here is a great list to check out: Money and happiness.

Stop telling them that Money doesn’t grow on trees!  It does!  It’s all around us!  

Money is a great resource that we are not running out of, so let’s create it and do more!

Remember today to do your best, have fun doing it, and make a difference…. with more money!