Why did you stop asking Mom?

Do you remember when you were a kid, you might have asked your parents for a couple bucks to go get ice cream or candy from the store.  Maybe you wanted to go see a new movie.  Your conversation would go something like the following:

“Hey Mom/Dad, can I have a few bucks to do __________?”

They would reply, “No, what do you think money grows on trees?”

After so many times, you probably stopped asking.  Maybe you picked up a summer job and you didn’t need to ask anymore.  You took some low paying aweful job because it put a couple bucks in your pocket.

What if, instead of taking that job, you went and looked for that tree that grew money?

What if, you knew where that tree was?  Would you go to it?  In a couple weeks, you will be able to pick up a copy of Where Money Grows on Trees and find exactly where that place is.  Then you can pick up the phone and dial your parents and say, “Money does grow on trees!”  Stay tuned as we anticipate the arrival of the book in the weeks to come….

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