Money is the root of good!

We have all been told or maybe we have even said, “Money is the root of evil!”

We are told to live on less.  We are told to cut back and save more.  We are told to count our pennies, as if we are running out.

That mindset is HORRIBLE!  It’s all about the limited supply of a commodity that is infinite and with it you can do some great things!

Tell your kids this:

If you make a lot of money you can help the poor, you can send kids to college, you can do medical research, you can experience the world.  You can even build huge churches!!!

Here is a great list to check out: Money and happiness.

Stop telling them that Money doesn’t grow on trees!  It does!  It’s all around us!  

Money is a great resource that we are not running out of, so let’s create it and do more!

Remember today to do your best, have fun doing it, and make a difference…. with more money!