The Victim Mindset

You may be a parent, employee, manager, coach, player, or spouse.  Someone at your level, below you, or above you will offer some sort of criticism or question and you immediately play the victim and get defensive.

One of the greatest examples of this can be viewed on a TedTalk given by Tony Robbins.  Here is the link to watch: Tony Robbins TedTalk.

Tony asks if anyone has failed.  That’s a hard question.  People start to raise their hands and one man in particular says he failed because of the Supreme Court Justices!  The man that said that was Vice President Al Gore.  He is highly accomplished and loved across the world in many groups.  He believed he was a VICTIM of the system! 

It’s all of us.  We all play the victim.  W wallow our kids to play the victim.  Rather than moving forward we talk about what’s wrong now and there is no way out!

Change your mindset to growth and learning.  Teach your kids about growing and learning.  Don’t be a victim be the victor.  The victor regardless of the situation they way you do it is in your mind.

Spend time with other victorious pleople or with a plan for victory because those you associate with are those you become so be careful of your those around you!

Let’s win today!!

Teach your kids about dabbling

Dabble is defined as immersing (one’s hands or feet) partially in water and move them around gently.

It may not be water it may be life, relationship, hobby, or work.  People dabble and some are proud of it.   They can do a little of a lot.  People prefer to dabble and be ‘busy’ rather than getting things done.  Jesus even once said be hot or cold but don’t be luke warm.  In other words, stop dabbling!

Teach your kids these words, through action:

Passion, focus, drive, desire, fire, full immersion, prepared, skilled, specialized, and excellence!

Game 5 -Predictions and Participation Awards

Imagine being in game 5 of the NBA finals tonight.  Let yourself wake up as one of their many stars.  Maybe Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and the list goes on.

You wake up and look at your phone.  Text messages galore having people wish you luck in tonight’s game.  You may or may not turn on the TV as the critics are stirring the pot.  Social media is a buzz and have to decide to to look or maybe you deleted the apps off your phone.

You’re probably a little anxious, even at the highest level.  Tonight, if your a Cav you’re trying to survive.  If your a Warrior you’re out to kill and finish the series.

The entire season comes down to this one game.  I would argue that, these two teams are the most dedicated and  hard working teams in the NBA.  Each team expects a world class performance from each other every single night.  I don’t think we appreciate how talented some of the guys are on the floor.  How many hours in the weight room, film room, basketball court that it took to get to this game over YEARS!

As fans, we watch one game and make aMILLION  assessments of what WE would have done.  We say if WE were on that floor or if WE were born with that talent WE would have done it our way!

In my book, Where Money Grows On Trees this is illustrated in the workers.  They LOVE Mr. Entrepreneur when things are going well but are so easily influenced by outside variables.  They quickly switch sides because the grass is always greener.  They make assumptions that Mr. Entrepreneur was handed success, was born with success and just got lucky.

Believe me, the men on that court tonight are there because they are the best in the world.  If you work for a successful entrepreneur there is no mistake that they are in that position for a reason.  It is by no accident especially if they have a track record of year over year success.

The only easy thing to do is to go in the lunch room and complain about your job just as easy as it will be to complain about your if your team lost.

Let this be a lesson, the boys on the court tonight do not play for a participation award and the competition many times is what drives them and gives them a fire!

That competition is what got them to today!

Win or lose, enjoy the talent.  See what is good.  Stay loyal to your team and your players.  If you win, congrats.  If you lose, keep your head up.  

And tomorrow when you wake up, be grateful not for the win or loss but for the man or women entrepreneur that you work for.  It’s because of them that you can play whatever game you play for a living!

Do your best, have fun, and make a difference!  Good luck to both teams tonight!  What are your predictions?

Southwest Seats- does it matter?

I was recently boarding a southwest plane and heard a lady tell me, “It doesn’t matter what number you are.  One or two numbers don’t matter.”

I thought for a second to ponder her, “I don’t really care attitude.”

Here is how Southwest flights work.  Southwest flights are open seating.  That means it is loaded on a first come, first serve basis.  You load the plane by number.  If you have a low number, you load first.  If you have a high number, you load last.

The advantage of loading first is getting to choose ANY seat you choose.  You can sit in the front, the back, the window, or aisle.

If the flight is full, the higher your number the higher your chance to get a middle row seat.  A middle row seat puts you squeezed in between two people.  You don’t really have the right to any arm rest and your chances of sitting next to someone overweight goes up significantly.

I had a higher number on a full flight.  When my number was called I made sure that I was in the correct order.  That’s when the lady said to me, “It doesn’t matter what number you are.  One or two numbers don’t matter.”

I replied, “Ok, if my number is lower than yours, I will go in front of you and if my number is higher and you don’t care I’ll also board in front of you.”

She said, “fine!”

We boarded and guess what.  There it was an aisle seat.  The last aisle seat!  She kept walking and had to sit in the middle, with no arm rests and possibly next to someone that was taking up to much space!

It does matter.  Not just on seats on oleanders but in life.  Your boarding position matters and I wonder if this lady will take a lesson learned?  

Don’t have a carefree attitude.  Take what you have been given and use it!  You deserve what you get!

Make it a great day!

How much is really enough money?

You have planted your seed and the tree has grown.   Your money tree is now a mature tree.  You are harvesting money and you feel accomplished.  Then all of the sudden you look around and notice the trees around you Where Money Grows On Trees are all taller than yours.   

Why is that?  You protected your tree and watered it but it’s not as large.

We must remember at the end of the day money is just an emotion.  Especially now when the US dollar is not even backed by gold.  It is literally just paper.  Most of the world lives on $2 a day.

If you pursue to find the place Where Money Grows On Trees you will find it.  You will be able to grow Money but you must remember why you set out in the first place and how many trees you want to grow.

Many people in life set out become millionaires but are unsure if they want one or two or ten or a hundred million.

Today be grateful for the opportunity you have to plant your seed.  Today be grateful for what you have been given.  Be grateful for your mind, your body and your soul that God has given you and use it today to your best ability.  

Life is short so do your best, have fun, and make a difference!


We have started to get some feedback from readers and letters.  Some love the story while others are very upset.  They say that the story is untrue and not how the US Government works.

Based on recent events the story seems to illustrate what took place and how people feel.

We will continue to press on with our message because there is a place Where Money Grows On Trees.  It’s a real place within the Land of Opportunity.  You can choose to go there or stay where you are at…. we choose to live there!

If I had a million dollarsĀ 

If you had a million dollars from the lottery, you would pay taxes and would end up with $500,000-$600,000.  Have you ever thought what you would do?

Seriously, would you know how to manage it well?

Would you pay off your house?  Would you get a financial advisor?  Would you buy rental properties? Pay off your kids student debt?

Most people when put to the test, don’t actually know what they would do with it.  Maybe that’s why you don’t have it, you don’t know what you would do?

Ask your child what they would do, and maybe you should write down a few things as well.

Where focus goes, energy flows!

Trump Family never stops

Regarding high achievers, they never stop growing.  They keep building and creating and trying and doing.  They are efficient with their time and they have the end in mind.  Little set backs don’t stop them.  Today, I had to stop and appreciate the fact the Trump family just keeps on producing.  They are a family worth over a billion dollars and they don’t stop.  They just keep planting new seeds.  New Trump Hotels shows that they don’t stop.  Let that be a lesson to all of us today.  Keep moving toward our goals!

Seed before Tree

We all want to wake up and look outside to see the massive tree that just appeared that grows Money.  We don’t want to plant the seed and wait.  That’s boring!

Similarly, we all want to walk to the mailbox and see that we just received a million dollar check.  We don’t want to start a business from the ground up.

However, we are attracted to the stories of the guys and gals that defy the odds.  The stories of people, that against all odds made it happen!

Why?  Why do we enjoy hearing those stories but we don’t like going through those stories?

What’s more interesting is those people of those stories get the check at the end but enjoyed the process more than the payday.

Weird, right?  Take for example Phil Knight he says in his book Shoe Dog that he enjoyed the process of building Nike.  

How about Rich Roll the endurance athlete talks about enjoying the process of refining his skills.

David Goggins talks about how the only easy day is yesterday and that we don’t push ourselves enough and to enjoy the “pain” also know as process.

How about C.T. Fletcher he calls it his magnificent obsession.  He loves the process of lifting weights.

The list goes on.  They were given a seed and they planted it, groomed it, watered it and the result was a massive tree.  I believe they saw the tree long before it was real for everyone else but they would not trade their process for anything in the world.

Share in their perspective.  Plant your seed and become obsessed!  

How To Do A Post Game Interview Well

Right now, the big story in sports is the Cleveland Cavs Vs the Golden State Warriors.  Kids wear jerseries of both teams.  Kids love Lebron James and Steph Curry.  They love  Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.  Both teams are full of absolute super stars.  Today is game two of the NBA Finals.

The Cavs lost by 20 points in game one.  It was ugly.  How do you do a post game interview well if you lost that bad or if you won that big?

This is an age old question that seems to be overlooked all the time.  This is a skill we need to ensure our kids know well so when they lose they can lose well and when they win they can win well.

In life, we will win and lose but hopefully we win more than we lose.

When being interviewed, start by ridding all negative emotion as the past can not be changed now. Below are the steps to use for yourself and teach to your kids.

1) Get into a good state.  Stand up tall, shoulders back.  Even if you just lost, look strong and have certainty that this is not the end just a stepping stone.

2) Don’t blame.  Take responsibility for what happened and what needs to happen next.  Be future minded and inspire your fans don’t give them doubt.

3) Be grateful.  When you have a grateful heart, fear can not live.  Thank the fans, your parents, your hard work, your coaches hard work and the list goes on.  There are plenty of people that would live to be in your position.

4) Keep it short.  Remember the three B’s which are BE Brief, BE Bright, Be Gone!

5) Don’t listen to the critics.  It’s easy to be a Monday quarterback.  Get back to the grind stone!

This is  not easy skill to learn but with practice this will get you ahead in any arena, sports related or not.