Clint Eastwood is Dead

I was on LinkedIn and saw this link to an article.  It said Clint Eastwood is dead.  You can see from the photo there were several comments saying how sad people were about his passing.  

I thought it was strange that the first I was hearing about Clints death was on a LinkedIn news feed.  I get notifications from multiple news sites on my smart watch and phone with breaking news.  That would have been breaking news!

I stop for a second to do a quick google search and in seconds the air is cleared.  FOx news confirmed that he is still alive and tough as he ever has been.  


I start thinking.  The people I am connected with on LinkedIn are all professional, smart, successful, and high achievers.  How could they have been duped?

I know people have been talking about Fake News but I never would have thought my people would have been associated with it.

Life happens fast.  We make decisions in an instant.  Maybe we even liked Clint, thought it was sad he passed on and we quickly commented on the news and move on.

We need to slow down and enjoy the process.  Test our surroundings.  Push our limits, strategically.

One day, just like all of us, Clint Eastwood will ACTUALLY pass on.  When that happens take a moment and be thankful for his life, contribution but also be thankful for your life, while you are here.

We are starting to act like dead people by believing the fake news.  It’s time to slow down and wake up!  Maybe we are dead by not thinking and need to be brought back to life!

Pass it on today, do your best, have fun, and make a difference!

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