Game 5 -Predictions and Participation Awards

Imagine being in game 5 of the NBA finals tonight.  Let yourself wake up as one of their many stars.  Maybe Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and the list goes on.

You wake up and look at your phone.  Text messages galore having people wish you luck in tonight’s game.  You may or may not turn on the TV as the critics are stirring the pot.  Social media is a buzz and have to decide to to look or maybe you deleted the apps off your phone.

You’re probably a little anxious, even at the highest level.  Tonight, if your a Cav you’re trying to survive.  If your a Warrior you’re out to kill and finish the series.

The entire season comes down to this one game.  I would argue that, these two teams are the most dedicated and  hard working teams in the NBA.  Each team expects a world class performance from each other every single night.  I don’t think we appreciate how talented some of the guys are on the floor.  How many hours in the weight room, film room, basketball court that it took to get to this game over YEARS!

As fans, we watch one game and make aMILLION  assessments of what WE would have done.  We say if WE were on that floor or if WE were born with that talent WE would have done it our way!

In my book, Where Money Grows On Trees this is illustrated in the workers.  They LOVE Mr. Entrepreneur when things are going well but are so easily influenced by outside variables.  They quickly switch sides because the grass is always greener.  They make assumptions that Mr. Entrepreneur was handed success, was born with success and just got lucky.

Believe me, the men on that court tonight are there because they are the best in the world.  If you work for a successful entrepreneur there is no mistake that they are in that position for a reason.  It is by no accident especially if they have a track record of year over year success.

The only easy thing to do is to go in the lunch room and complain about your job just as easy as it will be to complain about your if your team lost.

Let this be a lesson, the boys on the court tonight do not play for a participation award and the competition many times is what drives them and gives them a fire!

That competition is what got them to today!

Win or lose, enjoy the talent.  See what is good.  Stay loyal to your team and your players.  If you win, congrats.  If you lose, keep your head up.  

And tomorrow when you wake up, be grateful not for the win or loss but for the man or women entrepreneur that you work for.  It’s because of them that you can play whatever game you play for a living!

Do your best, have fun, and make a difference!  Good luck to both teams tonight!  What are your predictions?

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