Southwest Seats- does it matter?

I was recently boarding a southwest plane and heard a lady tell me, “It doesn’t matter what number you are.  One or two numbers don’t matter.”

I thought for a second to ponder her, “I don’t really care attitude.”

Here is how Southwest flights work.  Southwest flights are open seating.  That means it is loaded on a first come, first serve basis.  You load the plane by number.  If you have a low number, you load first.  If you have a high number, you load last.

The advantage of loading first is getting to choose ANY seat you choose.  You can sit in the front, the back, the window, or aisle.

If the flight is full, the higher your number the higher your chance to get a middle row seat.  A middle row seat puts you squeezed in between two people.  You don’t really have the right to any arm rest and your chances of sitting next to someone overweight goes up significantly.

I had a higher number on a full flight.  When my number was called I made sure that I was in the correct order.  That’s when the lady said to me, “It doesn’t matter what number you are.  One or two numbers don’t matter.”

I replied, “Ok, if my number is lower than yours, I will go in front of you and if my number is higher and you don’t care I’ll also board in front of you.”

She said, “fine!”

We boarded and guess what.  There it was an aisle seat.  The last aisle seat!  She kept walking and had to sit in the middle, with no arm rests and possibly next to someone that was taking up to much space!

It does matter.  Not just on seats on oleanders but in life.  Your boarding position matters and I wonder if this lady will take a lesson learned?  

Don’t have a carefree attitude.  Take what you have been given and use it!  You deserve what you get!

Make it a great day!

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