How much is really enough money?

You have planted your seed and the tree has grown.   Your money tree is now a mature tree.  You are harvesting money and you feel accomplished.  Then all of the sudden you look around and notice the trees around you Where Money Grows On Trees are all taller than yours.   

Why is that?  You protected your tree and watered it but it’s not as large.

We must remember at the end of the day money is just an emotion.  Especially now when the US dollar is not even backed by gold.  It is literally just paper.  Most of the world lives on $2 a day.

If you pursue to find the place Where Money Grows On Trees you will find it.  You will be able to grow Money but you must remember why you set out in the first place and how many trees you want to grow.

Many people in life set out become millionaires but are unsure if they want one or two or ten or a hundred million.

Today be grateful for the opportunity you have to plant your seed.  Today be grateful for what you have been given.  Be grateful for your mind, your body and your soul that God has given you and use it today to your best ability.  

Life is short so do your best, have fun, and make a difference!

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