Seed before Tree

We all want to wake up and look outside to see the massive tree that just appeared that grows Money.  We don’t want to plant the seed and wait.  That’s boring!

Similarly, we all want to walk to the mailbox and see that we just received a million dollar check.  We don’t want to start a business from the ground up.

However, we are attracted to the stories of the guys and gals that defy the odds.  The stories of people, that against all odds made it happen!

Why?  Why do we enjoy hearing those stories but we don’t like going through those stories?

What’s more interesting is those people of those stories get the check at the end but enjoyed the process more than the payday.

Weird, right?  Take for example Phil Knight he says in his book Shoe Dog that he enjoyed the process of building Nike.  

How about Rich Roll the endurance athlete talks about enjoying the process of refining his skills.

David Goggins talks about how the only easy day is yesterday and that we don’t push ourselves enough and to enjoy the “pain” also know as process.

How about C.T. Fletcher he calls it his magnificent obsession.  He loves the process of lifting weights.

The list goes on.  They were given a seed and they planted it, groomed it, watered it and the result was a massive tree.  I believe they saw the tree long before it was real for everyone else but they would not trade their process for anything in the world.

Share in their perspective.  Plant your seed and become obsessed!  

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