How To Do A Post Game Interview Well

Right now, the big story in sports is the Cleveland Cavs Vs the Golden State Warriors.  Kids wear jerseries of both teams.  Kids love Lebron James and Steph Curry.  They love  Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.  Both teams are full of absolute super stars.  Today is game two of the NBA Finals.

The Cavs lost by 20 points in game one.  It was ugly.  How do you do a post game interview well if you lost that bad or if you won that big?

This is an age old question that seems to be overlooked all the time.  This is a skill we need to ensure our kids know well so when they lose they can lose well and when they win they can win well.

In life, we will win and lose but hopefully we win more than we lose.

When being interviewed, start by ridding all negative emotion as the past can not be changed now. Below are the steps to use for yourself and teach to your kids.

1) Get into a good state.  Stand up tall, shoulders back.  Even if you just lost, look strong and have certainty that this is not the end just a stepping stone.

2) Don’t blame.  Take responsibility for what happened and what needs to happen next.  Be future minded and inspire your fans don’t give them doubt.

3) Be grateful.  When you have a grateful heart, fear can not live.  Thank the fans, your parents, your hard work, your coaches hard work and the list goes on.  There are plenty of people that would live to be in your position.

4) Keep it short.  Remember the three B’s which are BE Brief, BE Bright, Be Gone!

5) Don’t listen to the critics.  It’s easy to be a Monday quarterback.  Get back to the grind stone!

This is  not easy skill to learn but with practice this will get you ahead in any arena, sports related or not.

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