How to crush your annual review

I have been giving and recieving annual reviews for over a decade.  I have won every sales award on the planet. Earned every bonus and found a way to succeed in many different markets and industries.  One area that I was surprised I didn’t pass with flying colors was my annual review with my kids.

Think about it.  We spend so much time at work trying to achieve  and when we get home we have our laundry list of chores and are in hyper drive to ensure our kids our going to be successful and taken care of.  But are they really?  Are we starting to turn into that manager we always hated?  

We have the best of intentions but what does you customer (kid) really think and if you don’t know that’s Ok I didn’t either.

Remember, you’re running a business (home) with little or no customer survey/service.  You might be amazed at what you find out.  Below is a list of questions to ask your kids.  

A few ground rules:

1) Before you ask make sure you are in a relaxed state.  Take them to their favorite restaurant.

2) Let them know your intention.  This is a time for them to coach/parent you.

3) Don’t fight back or defend.  Now is not the time.  Give them the authoritative position for once.

4) Get rid of distractions.  Turn OFF your phone.

Here are questions to ask:

1) what is your favorite room in the house?

2) what is your favorite memory at our house?

3) what is your favorite holiday we host?

4) when you become a parent what will be your rules?

5) what chores do you enjoy?

6) what do you think of my work?

7) how could we make our family better?

8) do I give you enough attention?

9) what a fun trip you (your child) can plan in the next year? (Within budget of course)

You will find out so many exciting things about your kids and yourself .  It’s time to be successful at work and at home!

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