A conversation with a dead friend

Do you have anyone that you were close to that you have lost?  

Three years ago, a friend of mine passed away in a river in Arkansas on a camping trip with a book club he was in.  He was rock jumping and he jumped and didn’t resurface.  He was a star sales manager at Google that left work on a Thursday at the end of May and didn’t come back in the following Monday.   Life was always exciting with him around and I think about him often.  

Last night, I was standing outside watching my three kids play and laugh together.  After I put my kids down for bed I had a conversation with my old friend that has passed on (obviously just in spirit) It’s been three years since he’s passed.

He asked me what new things had happened in my life?  What have I done with my life?  What have I learned?  What trips have I been on?  What new adventures had I been on?  Any new languages or business?

He finished by telling me this, “Life is a gift. Time is always passing.  How are you spending it?  PLEASE use it wisely.  If I could come back I would spend it differently.  Don’t waste what you have been given.”

I share this with you, new graduates, and your children.  Please don’t let fear hold you back from taking a chance or leaving eN are to many talented people that have passed on at young ages that would give anything to be here for another day!

Live your life by doing your very best! Having fun! And making a difference!  Everyday and everyway!  He lived among the trees that grew Money!

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