Do you work for a poorly run company?

It’s really easy to find what’s wrong with the company you work for.  You can find problems with sales, marketing, production, operations.  You are probably thinking about a problem at your current employer right now.  You probably think, if I only worked at _______ .  That company doesn’t have any problems.  Guess what, even the best companies in the world are not perfect.   

But hey, I have really good good news for you.  The good news is you can go work somewhere else.  

The book Where Money Grows On Treesteaches kids this very principle.  It shows two types of employees.  There are employees that want to make there company more profitable, more exciting, and have there company be better today than it was yesterday. The other employee thinks his/her company owes them something.  They want less hours, more money, and complain about everything.   However, they don’t call it complaining, they call it ‘sarcasm.’

Stop with the ‘sarcasm!’  Rather, think, act, and spend time with an executive and you will become one.

Be careful though, it’s easy to be a regular guy around the water cooler talking ‘sarcastically’ about everyone except themselves.    

It’s time for you to step up and be a leader!

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