Everything BUT Your Job…

For a second imagine with me all the decisions you make in life.  There is a lot!

You decide on where you go to college.  And decide which you like best or fits you best.

You decide who you will date and marry.  And you do this based on how much you love them.

You decide what you will eat.  And choose those things you enjoy.

You decide your hobbies.  And choose the things that interest you most.

You decide on your friends.  And choose those typically with common interests.

You decide on your place of living.  And choose based on location or amenities.

You decide on your clothes.  And choose those you think you look best in.

You decide on your job…..but you hate it, and you choose to stay?

We make decisions everyday but for some reason we live in a prison of what we do for a living?  Why? How did this happen?  What if there was a way out?

Check out this 5 step program on confronting your fears (Five Steps to Confront Fears). By reDing this article atleast you are choosing to take a step in the right direction.

Do you love what you do? (Leave a comment below)

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