How to publish a book

There is more before and after to just publishing a book.  If God has inspired you with an idea do not waste it.  You should feel privileged  that this idea was give to you.  This idea was given to you specifically for a reason.  Your idea needs to be captured and shared with the world.  It may inspire a billion people or just one.  No matter what, if you do not write it, you are using the gift that has been given specifically to you.

1) With that said, start writing!   Don’t let the idea slip away.

2) Once you have the outline or book be ready because more fear will set in.  Your mind will tell you that publishing it is impossible.  Questions will start rising up like: Who do you send it to?  How does publishing work? What if no one accepts it?  I am overwhelmed.   Just remember ‘Do not give up.’  Look up publishers and agents and start emailing and mailing your story to them.  If they reject it, then you can self publish through many different avenues.  If you are truly broke, then you can post it on the web and share with friends.  Do not let fear hold you back.  Someone out there needs to hear your story and you. Red to share your story with them.  They need to hear it and by you not writing it is holding them back from fulfillment. 

3) Share it with the world.  Maybe you mom is the only person that reads it but maybe that is the reason you wrote it.  Maybe it will give her peace that you followed through.  Maybe it becomes a best seller and you impact many millions.  The number is not as significant as the process.

4) Know what you did by sharing your story was right.  It is easy to let fear overcome you.  It is easy to have an excuse but when you have accomplished the abi e steps 1 through 3, you did the world a great deed and fulfilled part of your purpose of why you are here!

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